About Me

Hi,my name is Rhetta.I am the proud mother of three wonderful children and five grandchildren.They are the loves of my life
I come from a big family (12 of us)and most of us love to cook and bake.Coming from a big family I know what it’s like to have to stretch your money.I love to spend my time in the kitchen trying out new recipes or trying out ones I find on line that are good and not expensive.
I didn’t take an interest in cooking or baking until I was going into 11th grade.I had a summer job cooking and I loved it.So I went to school for cooking.I wish I would of took an interested earlier on.I would of had more of my grandmothers recipes to treasure.Now I try and pass on my love of cooking and baking to my grandchilden.Not only am I spending time with them and teching them they are going to have wonderful memorys in the kitchen with Nana.And it helps they make the best tast testers 🙂